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It's a wrap! The NimbleAI team had a great time presenting the project at @hipeac #NeuroEdge workshop.

If you missed and want to catch up with our latest advances, check out #HiPEACinfo71 where the project is featured 👉

Planning 2024 in the consortium meeting days. This is the year to deliver a first version of the NimbleAI prototype to ...our use case partners. This will be co-evolved with them, and eventually be made available to any interested party. Learn more 👉

Raising the bar for AI with neuromorphic sensing & processing 3D chips with @NimbleAI_EU. The meetings held today ...@imec showed the new LF-DVS prototype. Discover the use cases shaping this landscape!

📢#HiPEACinfo71 is out now – focusing on #edgeAI and #DistributedComputing
Ft. @NimbleAI_EU @VEDLIoT @SafexplainAI ...@EdgeAI_ @EU_CloudEdgeIoT @elegant_ict @gaisler_space @mlsysops @INCODE_eu @dAIEDGE @across_project @EXTRACT_EU_proj and much more!

Welcome to 2024 in style! This is how a proper New Year's celebration looks with our recently assembled light-field ...DVS prototype 🎆📷Come join us at @hipeac #NeuroEdge workshop in a couple of weeks to learn more about this tech:

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