We are designing a
sensing & processing
3D integrated chip
inspired by the detection of light in eyes and the processing of visual information in brains

What makes us different

CPU/GPUs are very inefficient in comparison to eyes and brains, which are honed by natural selection. NimbleAI leverages the key principles of energy-efficient light sensing in eyes and visual information processing in brains. Using these principles we are creating an integral sensing-processing neuromorphic chip that builds upon the latest advances in 3D stacked silicon integration.

Sense light and depth

ONLY changing light is sensed, inspired by the retina. Depth perception is inspired by the insect compound eye.

Ignore? or recognise

Our chip ONLY processes feature-rich and/or critical sensor regions.

Process efficiently

ONLY significant neuron state changes are propagated and processed by other neurons.

Adaptive visual pathways

Sensing and processing are adjusted at runtime to operate jointly at the optimal temporal and data resolution.

3D integrated silicon

Sensing, memory, and processing components are physically fused in a 3D silicon volume to boost the communication bandwidth.

Expected outcomes

NimbleAI expects to deliver major performance and efficiency gains compared to the state-of-practice: CPU/GPUs processing frame-based video. The project will also deliver new enabling functionalities and practical implementations to unlock more advanced AI and computer vision algorithms and applications.


Energy-efficiency improvement


Latency reduction

10s mW

Energy budget

50 mm2

Silicon area

First light-field dynamic vision sensor

World's first light-field enabled dynamic vision sensor for monocular-image-based depth perception.

First event-driven full perception stack

World's first event-driven end-to-end perception stack that runs industry standard convolutional neural networks.

Silicon-proven implementations

Silicon-proven implementations for use in next-generation commercial neuromorphic chips.

Prototypic platform

A prototypic platform and programming tools to test new AI and computer vision algorithms.

EDA tools

EDA tools to advance 3D silicon integration and exceed the pace of Moore’s Law.

New end products

New end products that showcase the competitive advantage of NimbleAI technology.

Our concept in video

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